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1.) Each member of your participating team must be 21+ to play.

2.) Every player must drink responsibly. We are the guests of each course, disrespectful behavior towards staff, the course & other golfers will not be tolerated.

3.) No coolers or outside alcohol is allowed on the course. 

*The Links Drinks tournament director & golf course reserves the right to handle accordingly.


1.) The format of the tournament is a SCRAMBLE. Each player hits their ball then the team can select the best shot.  Each player is allowed (1) shot per turn.

2.) Each group must log their scores on the scoring app after each hole. Our tournament team will be monitoring scores.

2.a. Teams will receive one warning if they are not inputting the scores.

2.b. Tournament director & staff will be on the course monitoring honest play throughout the round.

3.) Winning team from each state qualifier will be invited to the Links Drinks Transfusion Open Championship.

3.a. Participating teams in the championship must play with their foursome from the state qualifier.

3.b. If one player cannot make the championship, their team can play the scramble as threesome with only 3 shots.

3.c. If two players cannot make the championship, their team can play the scramble as a twosome with only 2 shots.

4.) Drink Responsibly.

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